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The CD is dead. Or is it?
Thursday, 08 March 2012 05:42

cdThe answer to that is a resounding 'no'. Although first born in 1981, CDs will remain a key tool for some time to come.

For distribution, CDs are inferior.

CDs for distributing music to customers is close to dead in most genres. We have seen evidence of this in the closure of almost all CD stores and massive increases in digital sales. Digital distribution is king, and saves a lot of carbon too.

At shows, having CDs on hand satisfies the impulse buyer.

Let's say someone is at your show and digs your music. They front up to the merchandise table because they want your music, and ask you where they can get it. You say "iTunes".

You may have just lost a sale.

Make sure you have CDs on hand to satisfy people who have made a connection to your music and want to take it home with them. Sure they will then rip it to their iPod, but at least they don't have to make time to search for your music when they get home. And they won't forget your name either.

As an alternative, you can sell business cards with unique download codes. Bandcamp works great with download codes.

For promotion, CDs are essential.

If you want radio play or reviews, a CD in the DJ's or journalist's hand has far more chance of being listened to.

Of course, they may listen to a stream online, but why risk it when you have one shot?

Go both - CDs and digital distribution.

So the answer is that a mix of CDs and digital distribution will maximise your sales, radio play and press coverage.

Don't forget that we offer CD manufacturing to clients who master with us. Of course, we can also organise digital distribution for you.